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Welcome to Signature Rewards 2019/20!

Kaytering Supplies are proud to announce our rewards program 'Signature Rewards', the most rewarding customer loyalty program in the foodservice industry.
This loyalty program is all about rewarding you for your loyalty. 

All purchases you make on the products in this brochure, during the promotional period, will accrue reward points.

As you would already know Kaytering Supplies are service orientated and always put the customer first.  As well as the competitive pricing you already receive and our monthly specials, these rewards are above and beyond all of that, just our way of saying Thank You!

So set yourself a goal to achieve the ultimate reward by supporting these amazing brands and please don't hesitate to ask us to help you make it happen.



 Purchase the products in this brochure, we will accrue your points automatically. You only need 10,000 points to be eligible to claim!





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